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We are performers.  We are teachers.  We are parents. From your community.  Who else could you trust more to teach, entertain, and enrich your child?  Now is your opportunity to enroll your children at the Aaron Kehdabra Magic Academy, Connecticut's oldest and most experienced Discover Magic Classes.   Discover Magic classes are crafted to help children develop life-skills they’ll remember forever. Your child will get:

  • Expert Hands-On Training from our trained instructors

  • Amazing professional quality but made for kids Custom Tricks with simple Full Color Instructions

  • Top Secret file folders each week with added tricks and activities

  • Access to Videos teaching even more magic

  • An Exclusive Graduation Wand matching the color of the course and Discover Magic Certificate of completion

  • A full course of instruction and a lifetime of magic

Money back guarantee: If your child is not thrilled by the end of the first class, we will refund you tuition.   No questions asked.  

Classes are limited to 20 students.

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